Tech’s new pitch

We’re apparently in a war between Facebook, Google, and everyone else. The everyone else is known as the open Web. I’ve noticed a few people talking about this lately. It seems to be the argument people are using to define the current digital world. The reason is that Facebook and Google are taking a huge chunk of […]

Jeremy Liew’s ‘ambient media’

“Ambient media” is an interesting phrase I haven’t heard before. Jeremy Liew, a partner with Lightspeed Venture Partners, brought it to my attention via a Recode interview this week. Ambient media is a slick way of saying background noise — the thing people put on in the background while doing other things, like watching The NBC Today Show while getting ready in […]

The Facebook media channel

I stood on the subway yesterday and stared down at the future of media. It was happening just beneath my left elbow. A middle-aged woman was sitting, flicking through her Facebook Feed. The Feed wasn’t interesting, the fact that she was zooming through mixed media was. Her Feed cut across publishers, genres, and global regions. Crudely drawn cartoons were followed by […]


The second week of blogging was more challenging than the first. This marks the week’s fourth post, which is more than a bit off of the 11 I did last week. Perhaps my original speed was too great? Or perhaps this was a more chaotic week? I am still working on the media analysis I mentioned, “The Facebook media […]

Diving in

Sometimes all you can do is it back and wait. Yesterday, Amazon Web Services, a popular computer infrastructure for running software, went offline for awhile. The news covered it because the outage broke the Internet. It sure broke our Web site, as well as Sling Shot, our presentation software. Sing Shot is a second application that we built […]

Translating technology

I’m at the library, a little behind. I intended to publish an analysis entitled “The Facebook media channel” last night. But, it isn’t quite ready for primetime. My editor, and biggest booster, K, rightly pointed out several flaws that need fixing. I’m going to have to put it aside for a few hours. At first, […]

Executive summarizing

Monday morning! I didn’t take much of a break over the weekend, but aspired to do more. Here’s what I did: I identified the tools I should use to manage investor contacts, drafted a new version of the executive summary, polished the demo, and wrote half an analysis blog for later today. There were some other things thrown in, too. Investor research is the […]