Advice on monetizing the pitch

I’m polishing the cold email — again.

I’m reminded, yet again, about how hard it is to pitch innovation, big or small. The light of day has reminded me that I need to tie the business cases I mention to some market numbers that demonstrate their financial significance (i.e., how BIG they are).

This is easily forgotten when it comes to pure tech for two reasons:

  1. The pure tech tends to overwhelm your vision. All you can see is what you can do, and what others can’t. From this vantage point, what more needs be said?
  2. It often seems obvious because you may be offering to help companies or consumers in a big and established market. Doesn’t this make financial value obvious? Yes. To you.

Don’t fall into either trap. You need to connect all the dots for everyone around you.

While seductive, being blind to what others need to hear won’t get you very far. The irony is that your self-assurance and understanding is the very reason you’re in a position to pitch everyone in the first place. That’s the conundrum that you must master.

Identify financial value wherever you can, and don’t pitch technology.

Having vision won’t work if you can’t figure out how to sell it.


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